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If you want premium marijuana seeds at a price that you can't refuse, then Fire Style Seeds is the place to shop. Fire Style Seeds is an online cannabis seed bank dedicated to providing our customers with the best cannabis seeds in the world without raping them in the process. All of our seeds come from some of North America's finest marijuana breeders, always cross-breeding new strains to achieve maximum flavor, smokability, and the perfect buzz.

We take our commitment to quality seriously, and you can see that attitude reflected at every step before, during, and after the transaction process. Fire Style Seeds offers both marijuana seeds and exceptional service and support.

Easy-to-Buy Cannabis Seeds Sold Here!

When you buy marijuana seeds from Fire Style Seeds, you will surely appreciate how easy we make the entire purchasing process. Starting with the seeds themselves, you can browse our seed selection online by strain name. However, we must warn you that, with dozens and dozens of strain names to choose your seeds from, they'll probably start to all blur together. Chances are; you're going to see a lot of strains you've never heard of or seen before. Again, that is because our champion marijuana breeders are always cross-breeding new strains.

This is why we've categorized our seed selection as well, so you can apply the seed filter you want as you browse. For example, if you are looking for seeds within a certain price range, you'll be able to see that information displayed with each seed name. We also have starter packs, discount seeds, mixed seeds, and more for individuals who are budget shoppers.

Choose Your Marijuana Seeds By Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid

Another category that can make the selection process a cinch is marijuana type. This can be Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid. The difference is not only in the characteristics of the plants, but the difference is also in how the high effects you. Consider the differences in a nutshell:

Indica Physical Characteristics and Buzz

Indicas tend to be much shorter than Sativas with tightly compacted buds. The high from an Indica is a full-body high. Indicas will put you on your back, almost like a morphine drip.

Sativa Physical Characteristics and Buzz

Sativa plants are usually much taller, even spindly, with narrow, longer, and skinnier leaves. The buzz from a Sativa is more of a head high, rather than a full-body high. Sativas are great for people who want to catch a buzz but still get stuff done.

Of course, hybrids can be any ratio of Indica and Sativa. Hybrids may be more Indica dominant or Sativa dominant, or they might be a perfect 50/50 blend. The ratio of Sativa vs. Indica will determine the physical characteristics of the plant and how the buzz effects you.

Knowing which kind of buzz you want or which kind of strain you want to create will affect your decision in the type of seeds that you purchase.

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