24K Gold Feminised Seeds


24K Gold Feminised Seeds

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24K Gold Feminised Seeds Cannabis Seeds

Directly From V2 Genetics


24K Gold Feminised Seeds Packs Now for Sale Exclusive 6 pack

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24K Gold Feminised Seeds is a cross of two of DNA Genetics’ multi-award winning strains in Kosher Kush indica and the sativa strain Tangie. This is an easy-to-grow plant that is both robust and resilient.

24K Gold Feminised seeds the fusion of the sheer dankness of the Kosher Kush with the almost overwhelming tangerine perfume of the Tangie. This is an F1 strain that presents with 3 different pheno-types all three of which are something special. Although 60% indica these plants do grow quite tall, not only in veg. but right up until the 4th week of their 8 – 9-week flowering period. A versatile strain 24K Gold can be grown close together in an SoG, with the lower branches pruned, or in a SCRoG set-up where the profusion of side-branches can be trained to maximize production. Yields are very good at between 450 – 550 gr/m2.

24K Gold Feminised Seeds are Very Rare So you Must Realize These are not the Easiest Plants to Perfect. but once are an advanced grower they are definitely recommended


GENETICS Kosher Kush x Tangie
VARIETY Indica / Sativa
SEX Feminized
YIELD Indoors: 450-500 gr/m2
GROWS Indoors, Outdoors
FLOWERING TIME 63 – 70 days
MEDICAL CONDITIONS Depression, Pain, Stress
TASTE / FLAVOUR Citrus, Sweet, Tangerine
EFFECT Euphoric, Happy, Relaxing

the newly produced strains these cannabis seeds have proven that they can produce quality medicine comparable to the parent Genetic strains. Breeders have reported THC content in the low 20% in some newer varieties while many varieties also have high THC content. The advantages that this breeder has a detailed report with their plants include:

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24K Gold Feminised Seeds - 00 Cheese Feminised Seeds - afgoo Overdrive cannabis Seeds24K Gold Feminised Seeds - 00 Cheese Feminised Seeds - afgoo Overdrive cannabis Seeds24K Gold Feminised Seeds - 00 Cheese Feminised Seeds - afgoo Overdrive cannabis Seeds24K Gold Feminised Seeds - 00 Cheese Feminised Seeds - afgoo Overdrive cannabis Seeds


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