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May 23, 2019
Violet Panama Red Cannabis Seeds Pack
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May 23, 2019
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Purple Mayhem Male Cross Seeds


Cannabis Seeds Purple Mayhem

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Cannabis Seeds Purple Mayhem Male Souvenir Seed Packs.

Cannabis Seeds Purple Mayhem Male Seed Packs are for our exclusive Male 2019 Menu.

10 Seed packs Now On Sale

We Now offer Marijuana Seeds in these special seeds Packs.


The newly produced strains these cannabis seeds have proven that they can produce quality medicine comparable to the parent Genetic strains. Breeders have reported THC content in the low 20% in some newer varieties while many varieties also have high THC content. The advantages that this breeder has a detailed report with their plants include:

New Cannabis Seeds for Sale Now On the Website Now. We Now Stock a Complete List Of Marijuana Seeds Online. Find the Right Cannabis Seeds to Start Your New Grow. With Thousand Of Seeds In Stock and Ready for Immediate Shipping. If there Are Any Questions Please Contact Us Online.

cannabis seeds Purple Mayhem

With Thousand of Cannabis Seeds Online, Firestyle Seeds Offers the best Marijuana Seeds In the Business therefore. feel free call with Any Questions or Send Pictures to Display Your Strains You Yourself Have Grown or Another Breader to Help Expand new Strains into Our Index Directory.

Choose From these Strains All Fathered By the Purple Mayhem Male Cannabis Seeds

Balsamic | Banana Musk | Black Hawk | Bootlegger | Clinic | Dragon Tears | Flash Gordon | Gilligan | Goodall | Hashishin | Pizzelle | Poison scepter | Purple Banana | Purple Chelumbian | Purple Goo | Purple Paradise | Purple Tide | Sour Plums | Summer Patch | Xibalba

Strain Choice

Balsamic, Banana Musk, Black Hawk, Bootlegger, Clinic, Dragon Tears, Flash Gordon, Gilligan, Goodall, Hashishin, Pizzelle, Poison scepter, Purple Banana, Purple Chelumbian, Purple Goo, Purple Paradise, Purple Tide, Sour Plums, Summer Patch, Xibalba


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