Dawggone Sour Cannabis Seeds V2


Dawggone Sour Cannabis Seeds

Stardawg X Jack the Ripper

Super Soil Recipe W/ Cannabis Seeds Packs

5 Marijuana Seeds In Every Pack

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Dawggone Sour Cannabis Seeds Packs

Dawggone Sour Cannabis Seeds Packs

Super Soil Recipe w/ Cannabis Seeds packs

5 Marijuana Seeds In Every Pack

Now Some History On the Real Strain

Cannabis Seeds Smell Like Candy

Dawggone Sour Cannabis seeds create a plant that smells like Sour patch kids with undertones of Guava, Lemons, and Chem mixed with undertones of pine and fuels. Tested both by me and Badger a very easy plant to grow shape and get big yields from. Medium to tall stretch all my clones in 15-gallon pots were huge plants. She packs on huge weight in the last 2 weeks and has large resin glands.

Medical patients should select Dawggone Sour to help manage symptoms of fatigue, stress, and anxiety. It blunts pain, alleviates digestive issues, and inspires the munchies so people can gain weight. Others choose it in order to get to sleep at night or to manage the fallout from Multiple Sclerosis or Parkinson’s Disease.

This Strain is a Collaboration with Kyle Kushman and Badgers Dank

Phenotypes: Sativa Dominant Pine Tree Shape
Height: Tall and Wide
Yield Heavy
Indoor and Outdoor: Does Well In Both
Best Way to Grow: Large topped bushes to prevent stretch and promote lateral growth.
Harvest: 58-63 Days
Sat/Ind: 65/35
Hybrid: Chemdawg 4 X Tres Dawg X Jacks Cleaner f1 X Romulan X Cindy99
High Type: Medical users might like the soft waves of pain relief and appetite stimulation. Recreational users wake and bake with it, enjoy their out of body spiritual journeys, or try to get things done – especially creative tasks!
Taste: Sweet Tarts, Lemons, Pine, Guava, Lemons, Diesel, Chem,

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dawggone sour cannabis seedsdawggone sour cannabis seedsdawggone sour cannabis seedsdawggone sour cannabis seedsdawggone sour cannabis seeds

Weight 0.5 oz

Wide bushes with a Cheese profile


Short and Wide



Indoor and Outdoor:

 Performs well in both

Best way to grow:

Large topped bushes to prevent stretc


7-8 weeks




Cheese x Romulan x Cindy 99

High Type:

Relaxing and fun to smoke mainly due to its funky taste


Cherry cheese and a very stinky plant

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