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Harliqueen Cannabis Seeds Packs

Harliquin X Space Queen

Super Soil Recipe w/ Cannabis Seeds Packs

5 Marijuana Seeds Per Pack $55.00

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Harliqueen Cannabis Seeds Packs

Harliqueen Cannabis Seeds Packs Come with Purchase of the Super Soil Recipe

5 Marijuana Seeds Included In Every Pack

Now Some History On the Real Strain

The Harliqueen Cannabis Seeds are from a mother Harliquin plant acquired at Harborside Health Center was a huge find and leap in CBD hybrids. Having created Pennywise, Deadlights and Hurkle I wanted to expand the Cherry Terps of her with my best male plant Space Queen in order to increase resin production and terpene profile.

Harliqueen is a hybrid cross between the high-CBD Sativa Harlequin and Space Queen with contains Romulan and is my favorite strain for nerve pain and restless leg syndrome. The hybrid is very powerful and provides almost instant relief from trembling nerves.

Phenotypes: Huge spear-shaped coals that reek of Cherry and Spice very similar phenotypes.
Height: Long dense bushes with triangle-shaped spears
Yield: 725 Grams per 1000 Watt fixture per 2/SQYD Quadrant*
Indoor/Outdoor: Does well in both extended veg time needed indoors
Best Way to Grow: Top Multiple Times to form an even Canopy
Harvest: 56-60 Days
Sat/Ind: 70/30
Hybrid: Harliquin X Space Queen
High Type: Strong and pleasant body/head high
Taste: Cherry’s Ludens Cough Drops, Pomegranate, and cranberry undertones a thick oily smoke

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Harliqueen cannabis seeds onlineHarliqueen cannabis seeds onlineHarliqueen cannabis seeds onlineHarliqueen cannabis seeds onlineHarliqueen cannabis seeds online

Weight 0.5 oz

All phenotypes tend to show traits from both parents. Fast growing plants with a bush appearance. Beautiful colors show in every phenotype with frost covered flowers.


Short and bushy


Medium. If trained to be a bush with several tops yield will increase

Does extremely well indoors and thrives outdoors.


Best way to grow:

Topped early and trained to be a bush.


8-9 weeks




Purple Urkle x Jack the Ripper

High Type:

Strong and pleasant body/head high, very good for pain relief and insomnia. Be careful though, too much and you will be glued to the couch.


Similar to Sprite Remix Berry clear soda, a soft lemon-lime flooded with grape Jolly Ranchers

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