Hazy Margarita Cannabis Seeds V2

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Hazy Margarita Cannabis Seeds Packs

Mango Haze X Jack the Ripper

Super Soil Recipe w/ Cannabis seeds packs

5 Marijuana Seeds In packs $55.00


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Hazy Margarita Cannabis Seeds Packs

Hazy Margarita Cannabis Seeds Packs

Super Soil Recipe w/ Cannabis Seeds Packs

5 Marijuana Seeds In Every Pack

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Hazy Margarita Cannabis Seeds Create a Plant that One of the Newest Strain coming up, with key ingredients 1 female mango haze old school seeds from Mr. Nice. Very flavorful with a strong mango aroma & trippy Hazy high. Next a dash of JTR killer lemon lime terps that coats everything in resin. now you have “Hazy Margarita” I’ll take two, please.

Hazy Margarita is a limited release of Mango Haze × Jack The Ripper, JTR helps drop the flowering time on this mango haze by a couple of weeks & also makes a perfect flavor & resin profile. With a Trippy hazy high that lasts for hours but also with a creative side as well, these girls get big so make sure you top & train early. Flavor profile ranges from fresh mangos, lemon zest & apricots. Only 260 10 pack is available!

Phenotypes:Very hazy with a nice lemon aftertaste slight variation between parents
Height:Long dense bushes with triangle shaped spears
Yield:725 Grams per 1000 Watt fixture per 2/SQYD Quadrant*
Indoor/Outdoor:Does well in both extended Veg Times needed Indoors
Best Way to Grow:Top Multiple Times to form an even Canopy
Harvest:60-70 Days
Hybrid:Mango Haze X Jack the Ripper
High Type:Strong and pleasant body/head high
Taste:Fresh Mango’s / Lemon Zest / Apricots

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Hazy margarita Cannabis SeedsHazy margarita Cannabis SeedsHazy margarita Cannabis SeedsHazy margarita Cannabis SeedsHazy margarita Cannabis Seeds

Weight0.5 oz
Dimensions10 × 10 × 10 in

All phenotypes tend to show traits from both parents. Fast growing plants with a bush appearance. Beautiful colors show in every phenotype with frost covered flowers.


Short and bushy


Medium. If trained to be a bush with several tops yield will increase

Does extremely well indoors and thrives outdoors.


Best way to grow:

Topped early and trained to be a bush.


8-9 weeks




Purple Urkle x Jack the Ripper

High Type:

Strong and pleasant body/head high, very good for pain relief and insomnia. Be careful though, too much and you will be glued to the couch.


Similar to Sprite Remix Berry clear soda, a soft lemon-lime flooded with grape Jolly Ranchers

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