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Qrazy Train Cannabis Seeds

Train Wreck x Trinity X Purple Urkle x Space Queen

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qrazy train cannabis seedsqrazy train cannabis seedsqrazy train cannabis seedsqrazy train cannabis seedsqrazy train cannabis seeds

Qrazy Train Cannabis Seeds Create a Plant that After the very successful hybridization of our Black Train Wreck and Jack the Ripper we sat out to create a hybrid with the potency that the Black Wreck passes on with the great taste of our Querkle. The resulting offspring are a match made in heaven with equal traits being passed from both parents. The progeny express the best attributes of both contributing parents.

The Space Queen provides an underlying fruit smell that rounds the cross out. The cross matures very fast showing milky resin heads at day 45 of flowering. Buds are spear-shaped with a good calyx to leaf ratio. Most of the leaves have been fading and falling off prior to harvest with some leaves turning to the nice burgundy amber fall colors.

a New version of Purple Train Wreck Was Used in the V2 Version.  High potency combined with purple shading and a fruity smell can be expected in this Blood Wreck Hybrid.  This is a high yielding strain that resists mildew and mold.

Phenotypes: Taller and Train Wreck Dom and Shorter Urkle Dominant show in equal numbers
Height: Tall to medium
Yield: 850 Grams per 1000 Watt fixture per 2/SQYD Quadrant*
Indoor/Outdoor: Does well indoors and outdoors
Best Way to Grow: qrazy train cannabis seeds

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Weight 0.5 oz

Large, heavy super resinous females


Tall spear shaped cola's


Medium to heavy

Indoor, Outdoor and Greenhouse


Best way to grow:

The plant grows very fast in soil and super fast in hydro


60-70 Days




Very spacey and strong it seems to impress even the seasoned pot snob


Variations include grape and banana smelling females…We openly tested this strain in 10 separate gardens with growers at all skill levels and every single one got amazing results.

High Type

Uplifting and speedy leaving a great taste in your mouth

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