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Bubba Kush X Querkle

Super Soil Recipe w/ Cannabis Seeds Packs

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Qush Cannabis Seeds

New Qush Cannabis Seeds Packs on Sale

Super soil Recipe w/ Cannabis Seeds Packs

5 Marijuana seeds Included In Every Pack

Qush Cannabis Seeds This Indica dominant hybrid has a great taste and out of a 5 plant test run all 4 females turned a nice shade of purple with warm temps throughout. Our goal was to recreate the nice grape flavor but ad some speed to the slow Urkle mom and the results are better than we expected and finding 2 keeper moms from the very small test run we did.

Results from the field verify mild variation, good yields, and fantastic flavor and colors. This hybrid has been featured in both Skunk and High Times magazine. This strain took 10 years to perfect with the lemon-berry taste of sour grape gum.

Purple coloring and tinted resin are part of this Indica’s genetic makeup. This strain is good for low ceiling rooms as it remains short and is very easy to grow.

Phenotypes: Two main females one Short and very purple with grape flavors, the variation is a slightly more SQ dom with a taller frame and more sativa buzz.
Height: Short and dense does well untopped but faster than Urkle.
Yield: Medium to heavy if extended veg time is given mainly due to bud density
Indoor/Outdoor: Does Well In Both Extended Veg Time Needed Indoors
Best Way to Grow: Indoor / Outdoor Massive Bushes Indoors Great for Breeding
Harvest: Fast 56 days
Sat/Ind: 20/80
Hybrid: Purple Urkle x Space Queen
High Type: Indica head and grape taste make it total all day headstash.
Taste: Grapes, fruit, berries, old school Indica

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Qush Cannabis SeedsQush Cannabis SeedsQush Cannabis SeedsQush Cannabis Seeds

Weight 55 oz

Short and compact and unmistakably kush. The only variance is a slight difference in the fruit smell, some cherry, some grape and some citrus


Stocky and robust with nice support branching and large round flower formations


Large poodle style flowers with medium density, chunky and fat buds. Even smaller plants produce higher than average weight

Indoor and Outdoor


Best way to grow:

Plant naturally stays short and is easy to train into a dense canopy. Increase veg times for higher yields


55-60 days




Bubba Kush Pre-98 x Space Queen


Grape, cherry, kush, hash, Sweet Tarts, rotten pineapple, sour. Secondary smells are coffee, toffee, caramel, spicy and garlic.

High Type

Stoney and relaxing, only a few hits bring on an overall calmness. Strong but does not cause anxiety or nervousness. Times seems to slow but the imagination soars and you find yourself lost in self reflection.

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