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Now Some History On the Real Strain

In Order to make a more stable version of an earlier cross, we selected an Alcatraz OG male V2 to outcross the famous California Orange cut and then we hit her with the infamous Space Queen V2 male Incredible orange and Cherry terps big yields and an up high giggly euphoric high. Dreamy like visions and a general happy mode accompany an amazing flavor profile.

Imagine biting into a ripe blood orange and tasting a hint of cherries and melons. The oily mandarin flavor coats your tongue as your mind is lifted upward and sadness melts away. Antidepressant in nature the California Orange has always lifted my spirits. The Alcatraz lends a nice woody flavor that gave me the idea for the name.

Phenotypes: Heavy Tall plants with heavy bulging colas
Height: Tall and branchy
Yield: Heavy
Indoor/Outdoor: Huge In Sunny Climate
Best way to grow: Large Root Mass Topping early to form multiple heads
Harvest: 56-62 days
Sat/Ind: 70/30
Hybrid: Cali-O x Alcatraz OG x Space Queen
High Type: Motivating, Happy, Euphoric, Antidepressant, uplifting the best aftertaste, pain relief
Taste: Jelly Belly Candy

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Two main phenotypes. One is JTR dominate with incredible lateral branching that is great for scrog or trellis training. The buds stack heavy, drip resin and throw off a very distinct cherry tootsie pop aroma. The other phenotype has a skinnier sativa dominate growth structure with less lateral branching. It has greater inter nodal spacing with finger like buds that stack from the bottom to the top. A sweet strawberry flavor and taste come through in this pheno.




Heavy/light trim work

Does extremely well indoors and thrives outdoors.


Best way to grow:

Top early and train to a bush. Super crop or low stress train to promote and manage lateral growth. Staking and/or trellising is necessary as buds get heavy in late flower and bend branches. All phenotypes stretched a great amount in flower


60 to 70 days




JTR x Strawberry Cough


Sweet strawberry to cherry tootsie pop with slight chocolate and fuel undertones

High Type

Euphoric, energetic, happy and uplifting. Perfect morning strain for setting a good pace for the day. This strain does well for depression and anxiety

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