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Cookies & Cream X Space Queen

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New Vanilla Tart Cannabis seeds Packs

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Now Some History On the Real Strain

Vanilla Tart Cannabis Seeds is a hybrid cross of Cookies & Cream x Space Queen. She is a heavy resin producer with flavors of vanilla, brown sugar & cherries. Most phenotypes have better structure than your average Cookie crosses. There is a small percentage of females that get taller than the rest. All around killer flavor, this cross is excellent for making concentrates

This project started off with a large pheno hunt looking for a unique cut of Cookies & Cream. When I found exactly what I was looking for, she has a beautiful structure and holds herself upright with no need for support. With a rich aroma of vanilla bean, hints of brown sugar & chai, I knew at this point I had something special for an upcoming breeding project. By using our main male Vanilla Tart V2 was born.

Phenotypes: Taller than average stretch with only minimal side branching. Rock hard round flower clusters cover the plant. Expect some Cookie Dominant females to be spectacular.
Height: Medium/Tall
Yield: Medium yields dense round resinous buds with very little leaf
Indoor/Outdoor: Does Well In Both
Best way to grow: Topped Twice
Harvest: 8 Weeks
Sat/Ind: 50/50
High Type: Great for inflammation and relaxing without falling completely asleep, seems to reduce appetite so it’s a good choice for Diabetics. Uplifting and great for social activities while still reducing pain. Great for fatigue and Anxiety
Taste: Sweet Cookies and Cherries Vanilla Bean Ice Cream and Brown Sugar with Chia
Hybrid: Cookies & Cream x Space Queen

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