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Cannabis Seeds Frequently Asked Question!

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When purchasing cannabis seeds, what should you check for?
You should consider your grow space before purchasing cannabis seeds. Outdoor and indoor growers will each have different needs. Therefore, be sure to get seeds that are appropriate for the specific grow environment. For instance, if you plan to cultivate marijuana indoors, you should choose marijuana seeds that won’t grow too large. Contact Us to Learn More

Like other seeds, cannabis seeds need to be sown and allowed to sprout. Although it can take as little as 24 hours or as much as two weeks, they can germinate in anywhere from 3 to 10 days. The seeds can be placed in a damp paper towel and left in a dark area, like inside a drawer, to sprout.

Experience has taught us that 93% of cannabis seeds germinate into plants. Of course, this is a fairly high success rate, but it is not perfect. Consequently, you will need to plant additional seeds in order to ensure that you finally turn into a weed plant.

The important takeaway for growers is that employing excessively wet or saturated germination conditions makes it very simple to obtain low germination rates, even from perfectly viable cannabis seed. Use wet conditions to achieve the best germination rates. Never allow cannabis seeds to germinate in soggy conditions.

The seeds must be sown in damp soil at first. For the first few days, they need to feel more at ease, thus this is vital. Watering frequently is advised after sprouting—at least twice daily. But only a modest amount—roughly 200 ml—of water should be used.

Other Techniques for Marijuana Seed Germination. In addition to the paper towel approach, you can immediately sprout your cannabis seeds in water or soil.

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