Cheese Quake Seed Pack

Cheese Quake Cannabis Seeds Packs

Exodus Cheese X Querkle

Super Soil Recipe in Ea Pack

5 Cannabis Seeds Included Per Pack $55.00

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Cheese Quake Cannabis Seeds Packs

Cheese Quake Cannabis Seeds New Packs

5 Seeds Included In Every Pack

The Cheese Quake Cannabis Seeds will give a plant that tastes, Like a Grape Cheese Danish, which is amazing and we already dig this new strain. Both variations of the females are special in their own way as far as flavor is concerned. The Urkle Characters have a far more grape-musty taste and the Cheese Has that unusual cheese smell,

but both of the females have the same euphoric head high combined with a body stoney Experience. I can’t wait to have this strain tested at the lab I myself get really high after smoking it. To the point it becomes impairment and that’s unusual for us with our Tolerance Level. It’s easy to smoke and has a nice flavor but the high is much stronger than you would expect

I think Cheesequake gets me higher with more pain relief than either of its parent Strains Alone.

Cannabis Seeds Flavor

By combining the grapey-lavender taste of Purple Urkle with the unique smell and taste of Cheese we have created a flavor of Cannabis so incredible it instantly became my favorite Cheese hybrid. The inhale is a sweet Grape while the exhale is a combination of cherry and cheese. The high is strong and slightly trippy creating mental energy that can be confusing, yet delightful.

Mendo Dope Made this Plant Famous By Growing TREES outdoors in Northern California. Mold Resistant due to being acclimated to the climate.

Phenotypes: large stocky Cheese colas covered in heavy resin and unusual terps
Height: Medium height with good stockiness
Yield: Heavy Producer Large Huge heads and massive outdoor yields
Indoor and Outdoor: Does Well In Both
Best Way to Grow: Untopped, perfect for sog but top for height control
Harvest: 55-60 Days
Sat/Ind: 55/45
Hybrid: Exodus Cheese X Space Queen
Taste: Grape Cheese Danish / Funky / Cherries / Sweet

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