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Purgatory Cannabis Seeds Packs On Sale

Hells OG X Querkle

Super Soil Recipe w/ Every Cannabis Seeds Pack

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Our New Pack Purgatory Cannabis Seeds Packs

New Purgatory Strain Cannabis Seeds On Sale

Super Soil Recipe w/ every cannabis seeds pack

5 Marijuana Seeds Included In Every Pack

the Purgatory Cannabis Seeds Come with Some History On the Orginal Subcool Strain Jesus OG Purple Sister! Heavy hitting and heavy yields in this couchlock strain that is great for nighttime use and after surgery. The rare mother has been in our stable for over a decade and has produced award-winning offspring like 9Pound Hammer and Dr. Who.

enormous in size outdoors with towering 14-foot colas bending in the breeze.

The Myrcene addition from Querkle gives the strain an overall purple glow that is passed on in the mood it produces. Some cultivars exhibit strong Blueberry smells and terps, Very sedative in nature to the point it is not recommended for daytime use.

This highly potent hard-hitting cross has a crystal-coated diamond-shining look. This plant’s offspring the Purgatory Cannabis Seeds grows massive outdoors with thick tree trunk stalks ready to pack on huge buds glistening in trichomes.

Sweet lemon funk with a twist of fruity grapes, smells like a tangerine filled with blueberries, earthy OG taste that packs a loud punch to your nose

Phenotypes: Ranging from lemon sweet tarts and tangerines to purple berry funk, some with earthy og undertones. Lemon pheno tends to yield more
Height: Average, slow stretch in flower
Yield: Heavy producer
Indoor/Outdoor: Does exceptionally well outdoors, mold-resistant
Best Way to Grow: Top late, this plant grows very thick and heavy so you will want to cage and trellis for best results. This cross loves to be trained into a perfect canopy of tops, so clean bottoms allow maximum-size colas.
Harvest: 56-60 Days
Sat/Ind: 20/80
Hybrid: Hells OG X Querkle
High Type: It is very strong, has a couch-lock effect, and works great for pain relief, and intense head lifting high with a body-melting feeling.
Taste: Sweet lemon funk with a twist of fruity grapes, smells like a tangerine filled with blueberries, earthy og taste that packs a loud punch to your nose.

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Purgatory Cannabis Seeds


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